How I Met Up With 15 Camgirls

My story is quite unique and incredible and you may think It’s not possible to do what I did, but sit tight and listen, because I know YOU can do it too.

I used to masturbate on my own watching porn all day. I imagined having sex with all these incredible girls with big lips, big round butts and nice boobs.  (Yes I think I have a fetish for latinas, but who doesn’t right? )

I eventually transitioned into watching camgirls instead of porn, it felt more real as the show was actually live. I thought of doing a privateshow many times, but it took a while before I got to it.

First time I tried privateshow

I still remember the saturday-night I tried privateshow for the first time. I was super-horny and I was watching this gorgeus girl on a camsite along with thousands of others. I decided to finally put in some credit and go for a privateshow, but not just any privateshow, I would TOO TURN THE WEBCAM ON. She could actually SEE me. My heart was pounding so hard when I turned my webcam on. I remember she said something like “oh you’re good looking”. I didn’t know what to reply to her as I assumed this was something she told every customer.. I was nervous, but she was so calm and eventually we started masturbating together and she kept saying she was imagining me fingering and fucking her etc.. Little did I know then, that I would later actually be doing EXACTLY that to her.

After the first webcam session, she asked me If I would like to do it again, I said of course. I clicked to add her. It was a strange feeling, but I kept on thinking about her for the next few days.

Later that week I decided to go for a privateshow again. I said I just wanted to talk to her this time. So we spoke for a good 10 minutes where we shared some information about ourself, just relaxed small-talk. It turned out that she actualy didn’t live that far from me (1 hour with car or so ). I ended up asking for her number and she said it was against policy, but then she picked up her phone, typed something in it and showed it to me. She was showing me her number. I quickly printscreened and added her number to my phone.

We started chatting for some time on whatsapp so I no longer had to buy credits on the chatsite. After about 2 weeks of chatting, she told me she was alone and asked me to come over.. The rest of what happened I’m sure you can figure out…

So how can YOU do exactly what I did?

Now I’ll be honest with you, these camgirls are probably 8/10 – 10/10. If you’re looking like a 3/10.. You’ll have to compensate with money or something.. But getting these girls are NOT as difficult as you would think, you just need the confidence to actually come on camera yourself and just talk to them. It’s pure psychology where if you talk enough with a person, you WILL build connection with them. They will eventually stop looking at you as a customer. But you have to treat them with RESPECT and not ask them for some weird sexual uncomfortable things you know they’re not into…

I have now met up with 15 camgirls and I still see a bunch of them, and no I’m not a super hot model. I’m an average looking guy who found out that it was actually possible with some confidence to meet the dreamgirl you always wanted to. Just got to get out of that comfortzone.

So what sites do I recommend?

I highly recommend Slutroulette. Here you just go directly for private with no bullshit. You can also turn on /off your webcam as you like. The girls are used to super old ugly men with some weird fantasies, so if you’re an ok looking young man, you’ll be just fine.

I also recommend Livejasmin. It’s a very easy to use site, and they have LOTS of beautiful girls, especially latina’s that I’m into. Most of them are from USA and Europe, so you’ll be more likely to meet up with them compared to other sites where they’re mostly from South America like Chaturbate.

My third recommendation would be Camsuperstar . The girls here are superhot and crazy after money. If you have some extra money to spare, well this is a freebie for you.

I hope you guys find success. Remember, in order to improve your life, you HAVE to go out of your comfort zone sometimes. NOTHING is impossible.

8 thoughts on “How I Met Up With 15 Camgirls

  1. Ok the method finally started working for me. I started off last christmas and chatted with a couple of girls, but I think i was too direct at first because they were way too hessitant to add me on whatsapp. The trick is to go slow, be polite, build up trust and THEN ask for the number. Once they invest that in you, it’s way easier to talk to them and actually meet up. Since december I’ve met up with 3 beautiful women.

  2. Question,
    How can you tell if a Cam chick is really into you? Or if she is just feeding you lines to make more money? Thanks bro good advice

    1. Hello Jeremiah,
      Good question, it can sometimes be difficult to make the distinction between gold digging and actual flirting. My advice is to pay attention to the questions she’s asking you. If she asks where you’re from, what you do etc ,- then that could be a good sign. It’s important to note that you will have to be on the initiative side as this is expected from you as the man. After a while, ask her for her skype /whatsapp and from there, try to be more personal (without being sexual).

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