Dating a cam girl

You’re probably wondering what it’s like dating a camgirl. A girl that’s extremely attractive, but someone that also comes at the price of doing something openly cotroversial. In this post, I’m going to tell you what my experience was like dating over 5 different camgirls, and at the end, I’m going to share exactly how I did it.

Hottest girlfriend you can imagine

Dating a camgirl is first of all amazing. The sexy appearance, the openess, and often, the sexual experience that some of them have. Although it’s not true that most of them have had more sexual encounters than others, it’s true in most cases.

The price you pay

Having a hot girlfriend always comes at a price, camgirl or not, as they will always get massive attention everywhere they go. The difference between a hot camgirl and a camgirl, is that camgirls also get this attention online, by thousands of people on a daily basis.

But does it matter if someone you don’t know and is never going to see, masturbates to your girlfriends videos ? After all, they’re imagining things only you will be capable of doing. Lets be honest, it doesn’t directly affect you in any way, it’s more the indirect effect when you’re thinking about the number of men watching that makes you uncomfortable. I would say that once you come to terms with it, it’s really not a big deal.

Telling your parents

Here’s probably the most asked questions with regards to a cammodel. If you are dating a camgirl, how do you tell your parents?

For me, this was by far the most difficult one. How can parents from a much older generation ever come to terms with a girl showing herself naked live on camera infront of thousands of people. How will they distinguish her from a hooker?

In my case, I have never explicitly told my parents that I’ve been dating ‘camgirls’, I’ve only told them half the story by excluding words such as ‘naked’ ‘nude’ and ‘webcam’ . And since they don’t know how the internet works, we can easily get away with it. It only becomes problematic when dating a camgirl that has told her parents what she’s doing, and the potential of her parents meeting my parents later. Fortunately, I have never gotten to that stage yet.


Why I’m dating camgirls (only)

Like any other guy, I find sexy girls appealing, especially the top 1% of girls. My preferrence is a ‘thick’ girl with nice legs, boobs and ass. My type of girl is not like an average girl in your friendgroup. Once you get a girl like this, you will never turn back, trust me

How I get to date camgirls

And how do you get in contact with them? On the streets? Yes, but very rarely, and they will be very difficult to approach. Only other option is honestly camsites and 10 $ . Obviously there are free websites out there where you message hot camgirls, but you’re never gonna get her attention that way.

The best way to date camgirls is to pay for a private show and distinguish yourself from others.  Show that you’re not some pig looking for sex, make her interested in you.

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